High School Flag Football for Girls

High School Flag Football for Girls


Why Girl's Flag Football? 


Flag Football for girls is already recognized as a varsity sport in Florida, Alaska, New York and now the there is a league in San Francisco. Over 25,000 high school girls play for their school teams. Locally in the Bay Area, we know how popular power-puff events are within high schools. At San Carlos Flag, we feel the number one reason to do this is it's fun. Girls from all athletic backgrounds and many with none at all love playing this sport.


We are starting out as a club high school sport. If you are interested in Flag Football for your high school, please click here


Why do Girls Like it? 

 •Team/friend aspect, more social

•Higher energy, fast-paced

•Limited stoppages and non-stationary

•Transcends stereotypes – flag football is unique in that it attracts athletes from all athletic backgrounds 



• Some girls who play came from no background in any sport

• Provides opportunity for the casual female athlete to play and enjoy a sport

• Girls of all sizes can play (and play well!)

• Builds confidence & self-worth

• It’s fun! Female high school athletes of all sports were interviewed in Florida and all agreed that flag football is more fun than any other female sport!

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