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The RS1 head guard from RockSolid is the premier head guard, worn by top athletes in college football, high school football, and flag football organizations. The RS1 incorporates newly developed, softer closed cell foam. The RS1 provides the best head guard fit combined with RockSolid renowned protective performance. Light in weight, the padding has been strategically enhanced in areas that are vulnerable to collision such as the temple, back of the head, forehead and orbital bone. RS1 has a unique ventilation system that provides a cooling system that enables the head guard to cool more efficiently than any other head guard. Includes anti microbial treatment and poly cotton liner and moisture management. This head guard offers great comfort and fit to the head, without interference to your peripheral vision. Soft shell helmets are the future of non-contact football. They provide added protection and are designed to avoid providing athletes with a false sense of security. The RS1 is made with a proprietary production process that includes utilizing an anti-microbial moisture-wicking performance interior/exterior, with an EVA Rubber core that has been scientifically engineered to reduce collision impact and enhance comfort.

This headgear is not required, but is highly recommended. We have had some head injuries in the past, mostly from our own players running into each other. Studies have shown that this equipment can reduce the force to the head by 40-60%.


The helments for purchse will have the San Carlos Flag logo (Football) on the side. These have been approved by the Art David League commissioner for use.

RS1 Flyer
San Carlos Flyer 4.0.pdf
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A snug fit is desired. Measure above the eyebrow with a tape meaure.

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