San Carlos Middle School Football


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Blake's Run

Awesome run by Blake

September 16


ChillaRilla's third practice. We did flag pulling drills and kick-off/punt return drills. We also practiced running the single wing. Kids now get the hang of it and were even making up their own single wing plays. The younger 5-7 graders ran a few big gainers vs. the 8th graders.


We have a scrimmage next Thursday against:

Parkside Intermediate
1801 Niles Avenue
San Bruno, CA

September 12


ChillaRillas held their second practice. Went over basic formations for offense and defense. We'll be resurrecting the single-wing that Pop Warner invented.


The kids also designed a new logo based on the handsign for ChillaRilla. Reminds me of a conehead with glasses, but we'll go with it. The art work with the hands is nice.


Reminded kids that they have to have their paper work in ASAP in order to play.



Gorilla Chichilla
Gorilla Chichilla

September 8, 2010


We held first team practice of the now San Carlos Chillarillas. The kids tell me it's some strange combination of a chinchilla and a gorilla. 27 players showed up. 16 from Central, 7 from Charter Learning Center, and 4 from Tierra Linda.


I'm looking forward to coaching the kids this season. Looks like we'll have a lot of fun. If any parent wants to help out, please contact me. Keeping track of 27 energy packed kids is a lot!


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