Frequently Asked Questions


1. What additional equipment is required?

A mouthpiece is required for games. ($5.00 at Big 5 sporting goods) Suggested equipment would be cleats. Optional equipment would be soft knee and elbow pads.


2. Who is eligible to play?

Al students enrolled in grades 6-8 at Central and Tierra Linda and the middle school students at CLC are eligible to play. This is a co-ed league. If your child is younger, they may want to consider through the San Carlos Parks and Recreation, which has NFL flag football for ages 7-14.


4. When is the season?

The season starts 9/26, ends  with playoffs 11/1 - 11/4. 1-2 games a week will be schedule in the Art David Athletic League. (ADAL)


5. What forms do I need to fill out?

You need to fill out the same forms that you would for any school sponsored sport.

For TL/Charter: go to the links/forms menu and print out forms.

For Central:


6. When will practices be?

Practices are currently scheduled for 5:15 - 6: 45 Tuesdays and Thursdays at Tierra Linda Middle School.


7. When will games be?

This will be determined by the league. They have not made the determination yet. However, we will be playing at other schools as our fields are so impacted with other fall sports.

Games will typically be on weekday afternoons.


8. What is the game like?

This is 9 on 9 football. Fast-paced and high scoring. Games last about 1 hour. There is no game clock, but only 15 plays are allowed per quarter. The field size is approximately 75 yards long and 40 yards wide. This style of football is a limited contact sport. Blocking above the waist with open hands is allowed. Three players on the offensive line are not eligible to receive a pass. Laterals are allowed and the quarterback can also run with the ball. There are no fumbles. When the ball hits the ground, the play is dead.


9. What can I do to help?

We need drivers to games. Also, I would appreciate any parents willing to help coach the 40+ kids we are expecting. No experience necessary, but some football knowledge is useful.


10. I have more questions, who do I ask?

Contact Michael Takamoto, michael.takamoto@gmail.com650.279.1147



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