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Single Wing

Pop Warner's Single Wing
Pop Warner's Single Wing

The Single Wing formation is the predecessor to many contemporary offense formations including the Shotgun and Wildcat. However it is superior to these modern formations in terms of the number of players it brings to the point of attack and the possibility for deception.


The Single Wing formation was used by Pop Warner as he coached the Carlisle Indians to victory over the Ivy Leage shcools and won a national championship. Howard Cosell writes in What's Wrong With Sports, 1991, "One thing I have found very interesting in my conversation with (Bill) Walsh is that he regretted he never tried the single-wing formation with the 49ers. He felt that Steve Young could have run the formation to perfection, and that the league's defenses would have had a difficult time stopping the old formation."


In the video below, look how well these little guys run the single wing.



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