Playoff Schedule

For the minis, playoffs are straight-forward as there are only 4 teams. Seed 1 vs 4, Seed 2 vs 3. There will be a Superbowl and a Sugarbowl for the 3 and 4th place teams.


The Juniors will be seeded in 2 brackets. There is a "play-in" game for the two bottom seeded teams.


The Seniors will be seeded in 2 brackets. 5 lower teams with a wild card "play-in" and 3 teams upper with the No. 1 team seeded team getting a bye to the superbowl.

          Field Ref A Ref B  
6-Mar 5:30 PM Semi A 49ers Lions A  DS  MD  
  5:30 PM Semi B Broncos Raiders B  JD  BD  
13-Mar 5:30 PM Superbowl 49ers Raiders A      
  5:30 PM Sugarbowl Broncos Lions
          Field Ref A Ref B Ref C
6-Mar 6:20 PM Wildcard A Broncos 49ers A DS  RH  MD
  6:20 PM Wildcard B Jets Lions B JK   EA  
  6:20 PM Semi A1 Colts Chargers C JD  BD  DR
  7:10 PM Semi B1 Eagles Dolphins A DS  RH  MD
  7:10 PM Semi A2 Broncos Packers B JD  BD  DR
13-Mar 6:20 PM Console A Colts Packers A      
  6:20 PM Semi B2 Jets Raiders
  6:20 PM Console B Dolphins
49ers C      
  7:10 PM Fiestabowl Eagles W Semi B2 A      
  7:10 PM Superbowl Chargers Broncos B      
          Field Ref A Ref B Ref C
6-Mar 7:10 PM Wildcard Jaguars Bills C  JK    
  8:00 PM Semi B1 49ers Seahawks A  ZP  DS  MD
  8:00 PM Semi B2 Packers Bills B  RH  JD  EA
  8:00 PM Semi A Bucs Rams C  JK  DR  
13-Mar 7:10 Console A 49ers Packers C      
  8:00 Console B Jaguars Rams A      
  8:00 Rosebowl Seahawks Bills B      
  8:00 Superbowl Broncos Bucs

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