Rules for Best of the Bay Tournament

We will follow NFL Flag Football rules with the following modifications.

  • Parents, coaches and players are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. Unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated and the offender is subject to removal from the premises.
  • 4 players minimum are needed to play, otherwise the game is forfeit.
  • We will play 15 minute halves, 1 time-out per half, per team.
  • If a team is winning by 28 points or more, the opposing team has 1 more possession to score, if they don't, the game is ended with the winning team declared victor.
  • No direct hand-offs to center. However if it is the second hand-off in the play, and the center is behind the line of scrimmage, a hand-off to the center is legal.
  • One coach only is allowed on the sideline. No coaches on the playing field, except for the 7-8 age group.
  • Coaches are allowed 1 challenge on a rule interpretation. If successful, they get the time-out/challenge back, if not, their time-out is used. 
  • In the event a game ends in a tie, the following tie-breaking procedure will be used:
    • Teams flip a coin.
    • Home team calls.  
    • Coin flip winner decides offense or defense first.
    • Each team has same number of opportunities to score.
    • Offense can decide on 1 pt or 2 pt extra point.
    • Players play for 1-down. Then offense and defense swap.
    • Keep repeating until there is no longer a tie.
    • If tied after 3 rotations, both teams are awarded a victory.

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